The anthemic jams of Tears for Fears coupled with the sublime transience
of Eno period Bowie. 

With their fleeting sounds, laconic vocals and instantly memorable melodies, YOUNG HYSTERIA conjures a world lost in translation, yet ultimately romantic and blissful. Following on from their debut single, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’, which had the blogging community throwing superla- tives when it was premiered earlier this year, ‘One Young Lover’ continues their soul-sonic journey, an aesthetic that mirrors 80’s inspired contemporaries such as Twin Shadow and Blood Orange. The new single is as much cinematic in scope as their debut, a love letter written from the lineages of indie, electronica and pop.

‘This band blew me away when I saw them in Melbourne!’ — Riki Maymi, The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
‘Acid wash brilliance’ — Drunken Werewolf UK
‘Something of a timeless feel’ — Sound of Confusion UK

YOUNG HYSTERIA ϟ ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ debut single.

If you’re searching for a sobering contrast between indie pop and electronic music, then you might abandon any preconceptions after hearing Young Hysteria’s debut single, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’, a track that is as much a soul-sonic pocket symphony, as it is cinematic in scope — a love letter to the history of pop music, written from the lineages of dream pop, electronica and lo-fi.

Young Hysteria began early this year as the home recording project of Australian singer-songwriter, Jimmy Hawk. If you’re unfamiliar with Jimmy Hawk, he is somewhat both an aficionado of pop’s outer limits and off-kilter to its expectations, having shared stages with the likes of Cold War Kids, The Temper Trap and The Shins, he is a prolific artist, having released records in a myriad of styles, from Psychedelic to Folk-rock, soul and world music with his solo records and with The Endless Party. With this new nom de plume, Hawk once again subverts his own vernacular, this time teaming up with long time collaborator Thomas Van Der Vliet, together the pair promise to deliver a record with more heightened wild-eyed psychedelia, homespun rhythm and flair for melodic classicism.

The first single, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ is a breathtaking kaleidoscopic jam. Beginning with Kafkaesque minimalism it takes you on a soaring journey into the stratosphere on acid. ‘It’s a song about the bittersweet transience of life,’ he declares. With it’s emphasis on 80’s style production, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ has that swag and recalls luminaries such as Chris Isaak, The Smiths, Tears for Fears and St Etienne.

Inspired by a free-spirited approach, the debut single provides a glimpse of an album that is curiously cathartic, blissful and challenging. Penned and recorded almost entirely on the road in home studios across London, Paris and LA, the record possesses a strange attraction; with its fleeting sounds, laconic vocals and instantly memorable melodies — it is the work of a troubadour living a nomadic existence, caught up in what he describes as a ‘heavy scene’, Kafkaesque at times yet ultimately romantic and blissful. For now, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ is the dazzling new offering from an artist at the height of his powers.

Young Hysteria ‘This is Not A Love Song’ is out through First Love Records. Digital release dates:
UK/EU Dec 8, USA/ CAN Jan 20, AUS/NZ March 20


☥ BRAND NEW VIDEO in from YOUNG HYSTERIA for their debut single, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ ☥

Young Hysteria - 'This Is Not A Love Song' video