William Van Der Vliet

William van der Vliet hails from the border town of Albury, New South Wales where he grew up writing songs from a young age. Now living in Melbourne, Williams’s synth-psych pop delivers is characterised by its spacey melodies through dirty beats seducing the listener into a dream-filled world.

His debut EP “Nostalgia” provides a sublime insight into young lust and love and draws on 60’s inspired psychedelic and soul influences such as Hendrix and the Stones with contemporary favourites such as Beach House and Wild Nothing. ‘Nostalgia’ takes you to that warm and fuzzy place that only sloppiness and imperfection can take you.

‘Nostalgia’ was recorded and mixed in William and Chris’ hometown of Albury and mastered at Capitol Records in Los Angeles. Out April 2016 on First Love.