Musically diverse and otherworldly, Young Hysteria produces music that is cinematic in scope — a love letter to the history of pop music, written from the lineages of dream pop, electronica and lo-fi. Lightly orchestrated ’60s psych pop and ’80s synth pop underscore lyrical themes where pipe dreams collide with sobering reality.

When Australian singer/songwriter Jimmy Haw began work on Young Hysteria, he had lofty ambitions: Don’t just write another album; create another world. One with enough detail, texture and dimension that a listener could step inside explore and inhabit. Terrified by the idea of being any one thing, or being of any one genre he set out to displace his comfort zone, musically, mentally and emotionally.

The new LP is 30 minutes of avant-garde pop. The inspiration: to reconcile the innocence and hope of adolescence with the face value attitudes that emerges in adulthood. The approach, a collaged aesthetic reminiscent of ’Good Vibrations,’ filled with all the highs and lows, comedy and tragedy that underscores most people’s reflections on their relationships.

Embracing the limitations that goes without a studio, collaborators and at times housing, [much of the record was penned and recorded on couches, floors, and trains in London]. This left field approach ironically enabling him to expand on his DIY recordings and realize them conceptually and experimentally. A huge risk for an artist who had previously staked their claim in the genres of folk and country rock.

Take, for example, Young Hysteria’s first single, ‘This Is Not A love Song’ a song about “the bittersweet transience of life,” and unravels as a cinematic journey. Building from sparse drums, it draws on smooth 80s synth and retains the acid-washed brilliance.

“The attention to detail on “This is Not a Love Song” is stunning; every noise is adding to the layers, building a perfect, laid-back pop song.” — The Drunken Werewolf.

The follow-up single, ‘One Young Lover’, a pulsing R’n’B infused jam was as equally dreamy as it is intricate and introspective. On the forthcoming single ‘Dancing On The Sheets,’ the vernacular is once again subverted with a more sombre tone. The song about the anxiety of hidden desires, a theme which threads through the story of the album.

“This band blew me away when I saw them in Melbourne!” — Riki Maymi, The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
“Acid wash brilliance.” — Drunken Werewolf UK.
“Something of a timeless feel.” — Sound of Confusion UK

Both intimate and at times nonchalant, Young Hysteria is in a musical territory all on its own and promises a whirlwind rarely heard in an emerging artist. Having shared stages with the likes of DD Dumbo, Cold War Kids, The Temper Trap, and The Shins, Hawk once again subverts his own vernacular, producing more wild-eyed emotion, maturity, and fever. Tour planned for November.

Please enjoy ‘Young Hysteria‘.



  • Release dateJune 27, 2016
  • CatalogFLRVLP020
  • LabelFirst Love
  • FormatVinyl, Digital

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