A romantic whirlwind in the vein of Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks, Luke Brennan re-images a timeless theme with the tenderness and lyrical finesse of Cass McCombs on his upcoming studio album ‘Lovers Leap.’

Life, Death, Love. None of these topics are off-limits for Luke Brennan. Imagining and re-imagining a timeless theme is what Luke consistently manages to do with empathy and a casual finesse.

Sometimes dense and sometimes weightless. Expansive daydream ballads are balanced with subtle long-form grooves. Lyrics-wise, philosophy gives way to humor; folk clichés show up in strange contexts; it’s a search for the extremely universal within the extremely personal.

On the forthcoming studio album, ‘Lovers Leap,’ Luke Brennan leaves home and ventures deep into the terra incognita of love. A quest for self-discovery in the heart of another, the narrator reflects on each stage of love’s journey; discovery, devotion, splendor, resolve, and finally loss.

Set for worldwide release in late 2017 via First Love, ‘Lovers Leap’ comes off the back of a fruitful 2016, recording and performing as a member of Big Smoke and Truly Holy, as well as the bands behind Fraser A Gorman and Leah Senior.


26.05 The Loft Warrnambool, Vic
09.06 Karova Lounge Ballarat, Vic
17.06 The Toff In Town Melbourne, Vic
24.06 Golden Age Cinema & Bar Sydney, NSW


Listen to ‘One True Love’ the first single from the forthcoming album.


1. Lovers Leap
2. One True Love
3. The City To Ourselves
4. Never Let You Down
5. When I Was Yours
6. Forever In Your Way
7. Love’s On The Line
8. It’s All In The Letter

  • Release dateMay 26, 2017
  • CatalogFLRDS022
  • LabelFirst Love
  • FormatDigital, Vinyl